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The Board of Trustees establishes the objectives and overall direction of CIMMYT, reviews and approves the center’s strategy, business plan and annual budget. Additionally, it sets and monitors various metrics of center management and performance. A key board responsibility is to appoint the Director General.

Organization and structure

CIMMYT’s Board of Trustees consists of internationally recognized and experienced experts with diverse backgrounds and skills. Current board members constitute a diverse pool of expertise in the areas of agricultural science, financial management, business management and economics, and other professional disciplines.

The Board of Trustees comprises up to thirteen voting members, ten of whom are elected and three of whom are ex officio members. The latter includes CIMMYT’s Director General and two representatives of the Government of Mexico.

Mexico’s Secretary of Agriculture is a non-voting, ex officio member and serves as honorary chair of the board.


  • Martin Kropff
    The Netherlands
  • Nicole Birrell
  • Víctor Manuel Villalobos Arámbula
  • William (Bill) Angus
    United Kingdom
  • José Cacho
  • José Fernando De La Torre Sánchez
  • Ramesh Chand
  • Feng Feng
  • Neal Gutterson
    United States
  • Rita Mumm
    United States
  • Bongiwe Njobe
    South Africa
  • Harry de Roo
  • Bob Semple


The Board meets twice a year, regularly in April and October. It is the responsibility of the Board Secretary to organize the meetings, ensure proper documentation of the board’s business and support the Board Chair and other members.

The Board of Trustees works closely with specially formulated committees, which ensure efficient and effective implementation of the board’s business.

All committee members are Trustees, and CIMMYT’s Director General is an ex officio member of some of the committees. Director- and Unit Head-level staff serve as resource persons for the committee to which their responsibility most closely relates.


Name Full Board


& Risk
Program Human
Nominations Executive
Víctor Manuel Villalobos Arámbula (México) Ex officio member

Honorary Chair

José Fernando De La Torre Sánchez (México) Ex officio member Member Member Member
Raúl Gerardo Obando Rodríguez (México) Ex officio member Member
Martin Kropff (Netherlands) Ex officio member Member Member
Nicole Birrell (Australia) CHAIR Member Member Member Member Member
Neal Gutterson (USA) Member CO-CHAIR Member Member Member
Robert Semple (Ireland) Member CHAIR Member Member
Rita Mumm (USA) Member CO-CHAIR CHAIR Member
Feng Feng (China) Member Member Member
Bongiwe Njobe (South Africa) Member Member CHAIR Member Member
Ramesh Chand (India) Member Member
Johannes Hendricus de Roo (Netherlands) Member Member
William Angus (UK) Member Member
José Cacho Ribeiro (México) Member Member Member