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Wheat breeding must account for warmer, wetter climates in North America and Russia, new study shows

October 18, 2018

A wheat crop in northern Kazakhstan. (Photo: Alexey Morgounov/CIMMYT) FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE            MEXICO CITY — Breeders of spring wheat for North America and Russia need to adapt their varieties …

Delivering Genetic Gain in Wheat

March 28, 2016

Climate-change-induced heat stress and disease pathogens migrating across borders threaten the world’s wheat supply and food security in Africa and the Middle East. Building on the Durable Rust Resist …

Maize and wheat “super” Women’s Day campaign highlights diversity

March 2, 2015

A social media campaign initiated to celebrate the achievements of women has led to more than a dozen published blog story contributions about women in the maize and wheat sectors.

CIMMYT and the Canadian wheat alliance join forces to fight durum wheat diseases

June 19, 2014

By Mike Listman/CIMMYT CIMMYT and the Canadian Wheat Alliance (CWA) launched a collaboration on 9 June to apply genomics-assisted breeding to develop new durum wheat varieties that are more resistant …

New Agreement between CIMMYT and the Canadian Wheat Alliance to Focus on Disease Resistance in Durum Wheat

June 9, 2014

CIMMYT wheat breeder Karim Ammar 09 June 2014 – Saskatoon, SK, CANADA ─ The Canadian Wheat Alliance (CWA) and CIMMYT will collaborate on research to provide farmers in Canada and in developing countri …

Transparency and transmission: wheat quality in the marketplace

December 21, 2006

According to Erika Meng, CIMMYT economist and organizer of a workshop on wheat quality held at El Batán during 7-8 December 2006: ‘“We’ve worked on wheat quality at CIMMYT for a long time, but usually …